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Black Jack News

  • 19.09.2011

    New video from B.J

    On November, 11 at "888"club there's gonna be a party dedicated to a brand new Black Jack music video's release! The new clip "Give Me Your Body, Baby" is a shocking blend of rogue's rock'n'roll, grotesque and refined humor! The video features the skillful playing of the musicians, acting and funny, unexpected transformation of the characters! Presentation posterThe 4-minute video work has been filmed by a young Lviv clipmaker Bogdan la Zirka and is really worth seeing! Everyone who loves good music and is eager to party – you are welcome at the show! The program of the presetation is going to include the viewing of the video and the concert of "Black Jack" themselves and their good friends – a Lviv band "Coverjam" – so be assured the event is unlikely to leave you indifferent ! You're gonna get to know the Black Jack and company better and very probably make new friends or find youself a partner:-)
    Don't miss the remarkable event of November, be the first to view the clip on a wide screen!
    Bring your friends and join our gang! There is good rocking in Lviv town – that's for sure!!
    Party starts at 8 PM, free admittance. Just come around!

  • Tribute to Egor Golovachev

    14.05.2011 in_memory_golovachev
  • Live in "Picasso" club

    19.04.2011 Watch_video
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  • One of Us, One of the men


    Mental health - a state of well-being that allows each person implement its own potential, to overcome the usual stresses of life, fruitful work, participate in social life. Nevertheless, when we are able to penetrate into the innermost parts of his own consciousness, we begin to think differently about people around. Environment is getting closer, more understandable. We are beginning to talk about the need for a tolerant attitude towards each other.So to adapt people suffering from mental illness in society and change stereotypes of attitudes on January 30 will be held another action in the social and artistic programs One of Us, One of the men Participation take good people and good friends, blackjack and other

  • Alt-rock festival

    05.08.2010 alt_rock_festival
  • Save Mercuriy



  • Concert - Tribute to Egor Golovachev

    21.06.2010 golovachev
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  • The Students’ Festival


    On May, 22 on the open arena in the B.Khmelnystskyi Park of Culture and Leisure there will be a concert held within the framework of the Students’ Festival dedicated to the Ukraine’s Independence Students Movement Day.
    The bands, taking part in the show, are

    Kozhnomu Svoe(Rock)
    Prime Time(Modern Hard Rock/Alternative)
    Black Jack(rock-art /schizo-rock)
    Poupee F(dance rock/post punk)
    Immago(trip hop)
    Ways of Dependence(Punk/Grunge/Emo-R&R)
    Kvadrat (“A Square”)(Art-rok) Begins at 5 PM

  • Festival “Cossack Fun”


    The entertaining program dedicated to the 35-th anniversary of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informational Technologies at Lviv Polytechnical University. Picnic with the dishes of Ukrainian traditional cuisine, exciting dances around the fire and a lot more enthralling things are waiting for you! The show program of the Festival offers the listeners the music of such bands as
    Tchervone (The Red)

    At 8PM the bus will collect the people who would want to go home. Others might stay for a night in the campsite.

  • St Patrick's Day

  • Black Jack on TV


    We offer you a TV interview with The Black Jack members given on the occasion of the presentation of their video clip.There's also another interview attached exclusive material in wich the guys are speaking on their plans for the future and contide you into the band's most interesting creative prospects. Interview-presentationLook here>>> Interview about plansLook here>>>

  • Acoustic Black Jack


    Black Jack are working on new Acoustic program wich will present in several Lviv clubs.Watch for news

  • Concert for Grand Piano #1


    Charity concert with the participation of Black Jack,Kalych Blues,Lilya & Olena Kobilnyk and special guests intsrumental trio: G.Bowman,S.Gurin and K.Yashchenko.
    All collected money will be transferred to the Training and Rehabilitation Center DJERELO

    Friday.February 12th.begining at 8pm
    pub-restaurant "Kult"
    tickets you can get in Trembita,World of cofee,

  • Heavy metal evening


    The Heavy metal band "Krylia" will present new album "The world of the lost souls" special guests well known bands Disarm and Black Jack
    February 6th.
    beginning at 6pm.
    "Staruwka" rock-club

  • Let the Holiday Roll On!!!

    Black Jack - Let the Holiday Roll On!!!

    The New Year and Christmas have gone by, but the desire for a holiday still lingers on!

    The Robert Doms’s Inn is inviting you over for a real Rock’n’Roll Birthday Party!

    Oleg Kalych (Kalych Blues) and Johnny-Be-Good of BLACK JACK are waiting for all the friends to join in the celebration!!! We have prepared quite a treat for you, dudes!!! - An unforgettable performance, lots of surprises and the cordial atmosphere are waiting for all those who are in love with the Rock Music!!! At the end, a jam session will takes place!

    The representatives of the Lviv Underground (and not only them) – do not miss the event!!!

    January, 20th at 20-00, The Robert Doms.
    The entrance fee is 20 hryvnyas. Persons, born on January, 20th are admitted free of charge!!!

  • Black Jack in the club


    23rd of August. Robert Doms Club. World rock classics by Black Jack.

  • Truskavec city Birthday


    On 21th of June Truskavec is celebrating the 181-st Anniversary of its foundation. A lot of visitors from Ukraine and from abroad have been invited to the celebration. The Black Jack inviting you to join the Holiday of the wonderful town of Truskavec.

  • Black Jack & Ethno Drums -
    "No Drugs" Jam

    20.11.2008 Black Jack & Ethno Drums - 'No Drugs' Jam
  • October 4th. The Holiday of the City in Uzhgorod, Transcarpatia


    Alongside with the local favorites of the youth "Snake City Rock", the bands from Lviv - ZORYANA, "Inshi" ("Others") and "Kozhnomu Svoye" (...) "Black Jack" are chasing the rain clouds over Uzhgorod on the gloomy autumn day.
    The inviting city and its grateful citizens are deeply fascinated by the Jack's performance!

    The Black Jack are enjoying the trip to the farthest (so far) point in the West.

  • September, 27th. "Black Jack" present their Ukrainian lyrics program to the citizens of glorious city of Khmelnitskiy on the Holiday of the City.


    The enjoyable rock show arranged within the framework of the Tour "Muzyka Novoyi Khvyli" ("Music of the New Wave") is going to provide the Khmelnitsk public a decent preparatory course of high quality rock music before the arrival of the fabulous NAZARETH in the city on October, 12th.

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  • September, 13th. The close of the festival "Rock In Your City".


    On September, 13th and 14th during the Ukrainian Music Market, arranged in the context of the All-Ukrainian Festival "DniPRO", the final battle of the Open All-Ukrainian Festival of Live Music "UA ROCK" will roar up! 181 rock formations from 34 Ukrainian cities and 3 foreign bands have joined in the Festival. 11 cities of Ukraine enjoyed "Rock In Your City" which has selected the best 26 groups to paticipate in the Festival's Closing Show. The special guests of the Festival are the well-known Ukrainian and foreign music formations - "Black Jack", "YURKESH", Atmasfera", "Orkestr Yanky Kozyr"
    and the Telnyuk Sisters.

    Most powerful sound equipment!
    Brightest lights!
    Most peculiar bands!
    Sweetest impressions!
    All this is expecting you on the 13th-14th of September at the Kyiv Exhibition Centre.

  • 4. August, 29th. A 2-day Contest of Ukrainian rock bands within the framework of the festival "Rock In Your City".

    29.08.2008 blackjack_filin

    The guests of the festival - the unpredictable Black Jacks!

  • August, 24th.
    We are celebrating the Liberty Holiday together !

    24.08.2008 INDEPENDENCE_DAY

    The holiday concert will be held at a big stage in the square in front of O.Dovzhenko Movie House.

  • August, 2nd. BLACK JACK are going to take part in the art-action in honour of the 10th Anniversary of our friends, the Legendary punk-show band "Narvasadata".


    The groups involved in the show - "Narvasadata", "Niagara", "Black Jack", "Lyustry Chizhevskogo" ("Chizhevskiy's Chandeliers"), "Mamay", "V.S.G.D"( Khmelnytskiy, Ukraine).
    Club "Dali", starting at 6PM.

  • The great festival

    13.07.2008 bojkivska_vatra

    In a large plain amid the Carpathians ( near by the village of Yavir, Turkivskyy district,Lviv region) the great festival BOYKIV VATRA-2008 will be held! The celebration of Nature, freedom and Unity
    is calling on!
    Moving on an enjoyable trip to the mountains!

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  • Performance "Constitution or
    Revolution VS Evolution"


    June,28. Open-Air stage in the B.Khmelnitskiy Park.
    The Black Jack present a rock-performance "Constitution or Revolution VS Evolution" on the occasion of Constitution Day.
    One day of art-bedlam.
    Let's evolve together!


    10.06.2008 MAKE NO WAR !


    Another MamaDeYa literature evening in a row.... This time of a very special kind and fashion! With very special ideas presented, peculiar people involved and extraordinary guests invited!!! (rock-bands «Black Jack», «SamaZnajeshXto», «Front»). With all that, your good mood guaranteed! Positive emotions and PEACE will be acquired by anyone who joins the art happening.

    13th 2008
    Show begins at 7pm
    Vakhnyanyna str.,29

    P.S. There’s gonna be the presentation of the printed edition “Down with Wars!”held within the framework of the project. Do come – you won’t regret it!

  • Concert "Along the Pathways of Love"


    Each of us has their own way in lives. This time all of those lead you to the square near the Esthetic Education Palace “Pogulyanka”, where - on May, 24 - you will share your love with the bands:
    Black Jack.

  • Krakow Days’ Celebration in Lviv

    21.05.2008 Krakow Days’ Celebration in Lviv

    23.05.2008 (Friday) --- Esthetic Education Palace “Pogulyanka” (the Square in front of the Building), Vahnyanyna str., 29 (Pogulyanka). Joined Ukrainian-Polish rock-bands’ gig! The groups from Lviv and Krakow play together on one stage within the framework of the 15-th Anniversary of the Krakow Days’ Celebration in Lviv. The bands involved in the show ORATANIYA("Оратания"), BLACK JACK (Lviv), "ElectricLandLady" (Krakow) and others.
    Begins at 6PM

  • Shevchenko-Fest


    18.05.2008 - the Shevchenko Festival’s Gala-Concert is taking place in the Palace of Esthetical Education after E.Petrushevych(Petrushevycha str., 2) Groups taking part in the art-action "I krov po dolyni" (Lviv)
    "Tellery" (Kyiv)
    "Black Jack" (Lviv)
    "Viy" (Kyiv)

  • Picasso and Rock-Art

    25.04.2008 Black Jack Picasso and Rock-Art

    On the 4th of May the rock-band “Black Jack” is throwing an art-event in the melo-cubism style! The action is held at the night-club "P. Picasso" , beginning at 21-00.
    Ticket reservation:
    8068 8424636

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  • VIVA Lviv!

    25.04.2008 VIVA Lviv!

    The Black Jack present the Lvivers a fairy performance which is due on May, 4 at the Open-Air stage in the Central Park of Culture and Leisure by B.Khmelnitskiy.

  • Feel the Freedom Wind!

    25.04.2008 The Black Jack Band

    IV International Rock and Bike Festival "Western Wind"!

    On the 3rd of May in Stare Selo (Lviv Region) BLACK JACK are worshipping the Steel Horse God ! The bands songs will encourage the born-to-be-wild on their motorway towards Freedom!. Reed more: bike-club

  • Above Love

    07.04.2008 Above Love

    On the 15th of April the next action in the row of the literature cycle “MAMADEYA” will be held. This event’s topic would be “The sublimation of Love”.
    Musical guests “Black Jack” and “Bluesophrenia”.
    Each and everyone will be given some love!!!

  • "Dali in ROCK" video

    25.02.08 Black Jack - Pretty Polly video on youtube

    A video cut from the latest concert is offered to your attention. Enter the YouTube video portal and vote for the Black Jack’s video “PRETTY POLLY”!!!! Just check it out here:

  • Literature Manufacture

    15.02.2008 Literature Manufacture

    The musical and poetic performance by "Black Jack"and "GODO" within the framework of the youth initiative "Youth of the Nation" – "МАМАDEYA". This will put a start for the monthly cultural events with the versatile literature contents held in the club “ODNEVSE” (294, Zelena str.). The topic of the first literature encounter (February, 26th )would be “10 manifestations of the regular human being’s insanity”. The action’s aim would be to illuminate the versatility and uniqueness of every person’s experience, concerns, loving and hating.

    The show starts at 6PM.
    - The program includes the poetry and prose of young writers
    - The presentation of the literature compilation edition “Dream Slayers”
    - “Alter Ego Aut Aegri Somnia” – associative and sublimation action presented by the modern theater “WE”.

  • The gig at the club "Salvador Dali"


    “Black Jack” is taking part in the opening of the festival series of concerts "Dali in ROCK". The performance is due on March 22nd at 18-00.

  • Black Jack - Unplugged

    09.01.2008 Black Jack - Unplugged

    There is always a place for the miracle in everyday life. “Black Jack” and the Youth Club “Fairy Tale house” are inviting all the friends who are willing to sink into the fairy-tale nature of the world all around us.

    You will get the golden opportunity of experiencing all that if you attend the house #30, Kotlyarevskogo street. Wishes coming true, birthday surprises and a warming, cordial environment on the very special day – January, 20th !!!

  • Wandering around the Labyrinth…

    ”Lviv Newspaper”, 06.11.07, № 200 (270) Wandering around the Labyrinth

    On a Saturday morning the passers by were intrigued by a peculiar construction in Market Square. Cordial smiles on the young people’s faces around it, everyone who was interested was offered to enter the labyrinth of the Human consciousness.

    Wandering around the Labyrinth

    Most people got afraid of such an unusual invitation passed the action by. But those who could find the courage to look inside and come through each corner of the labyrinth got both an unforgettable impression and great pleasure As soon as the brave volunteers came in they found themselves inside a miniature model of the psychiatric hospital, which building one is usually trying to get round. On there right there was a Psychology Counselor’s office where they were offered to pass versatile tests, on there left they could see the observation room, where they would try on a straight-jacket wonderfully tied down by a skillful …………

    Wandering around the Labyrinth

    The art works of the people in whose support the action had been arranged hung on each corner of the Labyrinth. The exhibition sale was on in the art-therapy room. The symbolic rooms of Shame, Stereotypes, the Magic room and the EMPTY room appeared remarkably interesting to the true lovers of the human psychology. Everything was designed with an excellent, refined taste and directed not only on presenting and admiring someone else’s fantasy, but intended to attract one’s attention to the person’s inner world and individual experiences.

    Wandering around the Labyrinth

    The Room of Restrictions where a very ordinary, but, nevertheless so allegoric, tightrope loop hung among a number of different posters with the images of various taboos and vetoes was a real sight to see! As well as the shameful and embarrassing sculptures in the Room of shame the kids had colored.

    Various caricatures, sketches, anecdotes about the psychiatrists, plastic works, the famous people’s quotations decorating the labyrinth walls kept the visitors away from boredom. Changing from one room to another the wanderer inside the labyrinth was enjoying a light improvisational music accompaniment contributing still more positive vibrations into the atmosphere.

    The visitors were granted the Participant of the Action certificates. More than 600 such IDs were issued by the action’s organizers, which witness the society’s evident interest for actions like that.

    All in all, the attempts to celebrate the Day of Toleration for the People with the Psychic disorders the young psychiatric doctors had initiated proved demonstrative and successful by any merit.

    Read more ...

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  • Inside the Labyrinth of Our Consciousness

    20.10.07 Inside the Labyrinth of Our Consciousness

    On the 3rd of November at 11 AM near the City Council building, at Market Square “Black Jack” is bringing to a start the musical marathon within the framework of the art action “Inside the Labyrinth of Our Consciousness”. The happening is dedicated to the International Day of Psychic Disorders People’s Support.

    The citizens of Lviv and the visitors to the city will stroll around the labyrinth of the Human Mind in a literate, direct and interactive way. Take your chance and get to learn most enigmatic realms of your own soul. It would be possible to get to understand the Inside World of the Human being, one’s individual experiences with the help of the arts and its attributes.

    Often times something unusual, barely understandable is considered and marked “unhealthy” in the society. Such way of perceiving things devaluates and rejects the original and unexpected ideas

    There have been many examples of such attitude in case with Arts in its different demonstrations. The time has come to open the door and let the Unknown right in, feel the Unexperienced within yourself. Everybody is very welcome.

    Note:More than 10 years ago the International Psychiatric Association had initiated the program struggling against the stigmatization and discrimination of the people who suffer from psychic illnesses. The project called “Open the Door” has begun its work in 19 countries of the world – Austria, Brazil, Great Britain, the USA, Turkey, Japan and many others. The aim of the action is to reconsider the stereotypes and prejudices regarding the psychic disorders, change the society’s attitude toward the mental clinics patients, prevent their isolation, the loss of their employability and the formation of dependency in them.

    According to the latest statistic reports 450 million people of the planet suffer from the psychic disorders. Nearly every seventh resident of Western Europe receives the psychiatric or psychotherapeutic aid on a regular basis. Not infrequently these people face the fact that their family members, friends and surrounding do not understand them, fear or reject them instead.

    The artists and art galleries of Lviv have joined “the Labyrinth” – Youth Union “Dzyga”, art gallery “Gerdan”, art center “The Museum of Ideas”, coffee shop “Coffee World” where the works from the psychiatric clinics’ art-therapy workshops are exhibited at.

    Read more ...

  • Black Jack in Rovno town


    "Black Jack" are off to Rovno town where they will arrange an improvisational Day of Rock-Knowledge!!! "Havana Club" hosts and feeds the quests. "Patria O Muerte. Nevceremos!"

  • Black Jack на BEATLES ROCK–FEST



    BEATLES….on a fine occasion of Sir Paul McCartney's birthday.
    “Kozhnomu Svoe”, “Green Silence”, "Coda", "Lemberg", "Black Jack", "Let it Blues are playing in order to honour Sir Paul McCartney's musical gift !
    The Lviv's most attended musical basement in the Doll House is throwing a birthday party.
    Guests welcome at 8 pm!!!

  • 'Black Jack' are presenting their new show-program. We await you at 'KULT'

    'Black Jack' are presenting their new show-program.


    We await you at "KULT"(Lviv, Chaykovskogo str.,7)

  • The RUYNATSIA festival (28-29.04.2007)


    April 29-30,2007 - the RUYNATSIA festival (the festival of true music) is due in Lviv. The action's slogan is «LISTEN TO YOURS-CHOOSE YOURS!» . The festival will be held at «Salvador Dali» club (Lviv, Povitryana,20 (tel. : 0322-67-34-14))

    28 of April:
    PINS (Kremenchug), Inkunabula (Lviv), MoA (Lviv), STUNDKIT (Lutsk), DOLLHEADS (Kyiv), Merva (Kyiv), Karna (Iv. Frankivs'k), Dymna Sumish (Kyiv), Niagara (Lviv).

    29 of April: BLACK JACK (Lviv), BАZOOKA BAND (Lviv), K.A.R.E.A (Zaporiga), SNUFF (Gytomyr), K.O.M.A. (Iv. Frankivs'k), FRONT (Lviv), GODO (Lviv), Fakultet (Dniprodzerginsk), ANNA (Lviv), TOL (Kyiv).
    Tickets available at ticket-offices from 3pm,04.29.2007

  • “Black Jack” in L'yalka club


    Concert of "Riff Inc." and "Black Jack". Starting at 20-00.

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  • bands «Iriy» and «Black Jack» at Lyalka club.


    Opening at 8PM

  • The best Ukrainian Music Compilation: «U-ROCK»

    nquire in your local music shops. Available from January,2007. The names of bands and singers you're gonna hear on the disk: «Post Scriptum», «Viskula», «Red Wolf», «Sobachye Serdce», Anim@, «Cold Spring», «TOK», Agata Vilchyk, «Monolit», «Black Jack», «Dr. Vino», «Diversanty», «Dorogi Menyayut Tsvet», «Obsession», «Fayno», «Tin' Sontsya», «Absent», «Andreevskiy Spusk», «VoznesenskiyPrihod», «Artefakty Zanzibara», «Pobezhdenniy Khaos», «Zapadniy Front», «Delusion», «Absorption of realities», «Silence».

  • The National Award Ceremony «Ukrainian Rock Awards»


    Bingo club,Kyiv,Prospekt Pobedy,112
    tel.: 38044-4242 555
    e-mail :
    Beginning at 3 PM

    Bands who were entertaining the audience throughout the Ceremony:
    «Diversanty» - the chief musical sensation of last fall
    «Beregites', malchiki» («Boys,beware!»)
    «Dorogi Menyayut Tsvet»
    «Black Jack» - best band from Lviv
    «Jaira» - lively,fresh music sure turning on!
    «Druga Rika». Best band in Poltava.
    «Smaragda» - the mega-hit from these guys «Shukayu tebe»
    «Post Scriptum» - the most perspective ukrainian band of today
    «Red Wolf» - great band from Dnepropetrovsk sure to get a most experienced listener surprised.
    «TOK» - another band from Dnepropetrovsk listened to in Ukraine and Russia
    «The CrRЯсК» - a surprising,astonishing band
    «SSSR» - best band of the Crimea.
    Special guests: «Obsession»

    Ceremony's headliner : Mega-project by Gosha Kutsenko, «Anatomy of Soul».

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  • Vote on 'Ukrainian Rock Awards'

    "Ukrainian Rock Awards"


    National competition will help to define the best rock-bands of Ukraine. About 20 nominations !!! Bands representing all regions of our country !!! You’re able to vote for your favourite crew. Visit the site of "Ukrainian Rock Awards".



    The "Black Jack" will take part in "ROCK'N'ROLL LIVE SCHOOL" rock-compilation, supported by "" magazine (Russia). It’s supposed to be released by the end of December 2006.

  • The ring-tones of “Black Jack”


    Now it’s possible to download the ring-tones of “Black Jack” for your telephone !!!

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  • First round of “Slavic Rock” fest!


    After the first round of “Slavic Rock” fest the “Black Jack” band was chosen to go further and to take part in the final round of Ukrainian league (last week of May, 2007).

  • International Rock Fest “Slavic Rock”

    International Rock Fest “Slavic Rock”


    21-22 of October, International Rock Fest “Slavic Rock” --- Ukrainian league, “Sky Hall”, Kyiv, M. Malinovsky Str. 24/10.

    1 day (October 21, Saturday 16-00):
    “Trans-Former” (Poltava), “Monolith” (Shostka), “Bila Vezha” (Kyiv), “Renascense” (Irpin’), “Areal” (Kyiv)
    2 day (October 22, Sunday 16-00):
    “Navkolo Kola” (Kyiv), “Extasy” (Rivne), “Black Jack” (Lviv), “Electrostatic” (Kyiv), “RoNRoMeRo” (Brovary), “Mixtura” (Kyiv)

  • "Make blues – not war”


    Saturday, the 21th of October.
    Kyiv, DK "Rostok" (Garmatna Str. 26/2).
    Blues-rock festival, on which will participate:
    “Stancia В” (Київ)
    “Gorod Solnca” (Київ)
    “Kviten Ruin” (Київ)
    “Black Jack” (Львів)
    “Remont Vody" (Київ)

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  • Black Jack & Bram Stoker in Lviv


    On Wednesday, the 4th of October, Black Jack & Bram Stoker will play a concert in the «Lyalka» club. Beginning at 8 P.M

  • We want to congratulate everyone upon Lviv Day!!!


    We want to congratulate everyone upon Lviv Day!!! On Sunday, the 1 of October, “Black Jack” will play for you in B. Khmelnitsky Park ( Rock-scene ). Long Live Lviv !!!

  • Once more in revolutionary "Havana"


    Once more in revolutionary "Havana" (Rivne) !!! 30th of September, at 9 P.M.

  • Black Jack in the « Docker Pub» (Kyiv)


    On Thursday, the 29th of June, Black Jack will play a concert in the «Docker Pub» (Kyiv). Beginning at 21-00.

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  • "Black Jack" in "Havana" club


    On Saturday, 1 of July, in "Havana" club (Rivne) will take place a concert of "Black Jack".

  • “P.L.A.M.A.” fest


    On 26th of June the “Black Jack” will take part in youth fest “P.L.A.M.A.” (Pogulyanka place).

  • Black Jack in the «44» club (Kyiv)


    On Sunday, the 18th of June, Black Jack will play a concert in the «44» club (Kyiv). Beginning at 10 P.M

  • Black Jack records for "Second Breath"


    Black Jack in studio '100% Records'A few days ago Black Jack finished the work under recording of the couple of songs, that will be included into the "Second Breath" rock-compilation. Songs "Run" & "Way To Babylon" were chosen. By the end of september you'll be able to find the release in the music-shops. We would like to thank Oleg Tkachenko & Ksenia Nikolskaya from "100% Records" for help.

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  • The Rock Concert


    On Saturday, the 3th of June, the rock concert will take place in the Youth and Children Centre of Creativity (Pogulyanka, disco-hall), featuring Black Jack and another Lviv bands. Beginning at 6 P.M.

  • 6.05.06 --- Bicker-show in Lviv !!!


    Place --- motel "Katherine". Time --- 18:00. Invited bands: "Vox Populi", "Black Jack", "Disarm", "Witchhunter", "DVS"

  • Concert in L'yalka club - 04.05.06


    On Thursday, the 4th of May, 2006, in "Lyal'ka" club-cafe a concert will take place, on which will participate "Black Jack", "7 sky", "Med" and "Vox Populi". The concert will start at 20:00. Long live Rock'n'Roll!

  • Concert in "Lyal'ka" club on 07.04.06


    On Friday, the 7d of April, 2005, in "Lyal'ka" club-cafe a concert will take place, on which "Green Silence", "Black Jack" and some other groups from Lviv will participate. You're all welcome.

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  • Concert in "Mr.DIZZY" club on 25.03.06


    On saturday, the 25th of March, in "Mr.DIZZY" club (Kiyv) will take place a concert of "Black Jack".

  • 05-02-2006

    Black Jack in On Saturday, the 18th of February, "Black Jack" will play a concert in "Maydan" club (Lutsk, Boyko Street, 2). In the program of performance are classical rock-n-roll and more than hour of an own material.

  • Rock&Roll in Lyal'ka !


    On Thursday, the 16th of February, 2006, in "Lyal'ka" club-cafe a concert will take place, on which will participate "Black Jack", "Let It Blues" (Lviv), "Kviten Ruin" (Kiyv), and guests from Poland "Heresyer". The concert will start at 20:00.
    Black Jack Concert

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  • 27.01.2006 Concert in art-club "Torba"


    On friday 27.01.2006, Black Jack & Kviten Ruin will play on a concert in the art-club "Torba" (Kiyv) !!!

  • Concert in art-club "Torba" on 06.01.2006


    Black Jack will participate on a party "Bikers Christmas" ;) which takes place in the art-club "Torba" (Kiyv). We invite!!!

  • Happy New Year everyone !!!


  • Concert in "Mr.DIZZY" club on 24.12.2005


    On saturday, the 24th of December, in "Mr.DIZZY" club (Kiyv) will take place a concert of "Black Jack" and "Crosswise".

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  • The band is working under recording


    - By the end of december we are planning to finish recording of a debut album "Ñhange All Around".

  • The "Songs" section was updated


    Now you can read texts of songs (recommended!!!).

  • Concert in "Lyal'ka" club on 3.11.2005


    On Thursday, the 3d of Novemeber, 2005, in "Lyal'ka" club-cafe a concert will take place, on which "Black Jack", and some other groups from Lviv will participate.
    The concert will start at 20:00
    Black Jack in Lyalka Club

  • The website has been launched


    You can check the information about the band, take a look at some pictures and download some of our music stuff.
    You can also leave your comment in guestbook.

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Black Jack - Mysterious Video

Just look and see.So many people around you!

Even thoughthere's no one nearby you stillhave the Internet by your side and that is the place that is always swarming.

Black Jack - rock band

The most remarkable point is that all the people want to be happy and that desire is proven to be one of man's dearest wishes. The phenomenon of happiness is full of paradoxes. One is that the harder an individual is trying to reach happiness the farther away it gets from them.Not less paradoxial appears the fact that many aged people often consider themselves happier than youngsters.Another perplexing point — in laymen's opinion — is that happiness itelf is barely connected with wealth.

One way or another, all people in the world may live happy moments from time to time. For example, when one is in love or when one is admiring a workof art. Or take what you may call «Religious amazement», ecstasy... The moments when the whole world feels so conceptual, quite free from the outside world's needs and cares. And you forget of your own Inner Self.The person experiencing such effect would be found out of the time continuum, out of space,too.The feeling of positive values of the world around — Truth, Kindness, Justice, Beauty — would then become so telling and sharp. It is principal that at moments like these one is basically having the feeling of one's self expressed in a pretty exxaggarated way, and the individual begins to feel decisive and determined, responsible and reliable, trustworthy and spontaneous, honest, self-sufficient, content and creative at the same time. It is then when Life turns into Celebration everybody is invited to!

So what is preventing us from feeling happy?Most frequently that may be the unnecessary beliefs and casual routine.

Black Jack - news

It's really no use frowning at the circumstances and wait around till happiness comes down on you. So «Black Jack» is inviting you over to the Carnival! We're gonna play the 'masked comedy' and start a journey.The journey towards Your real Self.

The main feature of the Carnival would be the eventual liberation from the casual norms of behavior and routine.Even if for just a while.That would seem like Life inside out, the world vice versa! The Carnival would knock off all the laws and resrtictions bound upon you by your Reality. Various social conventionalities like those connected with the hierarchy ladder go away — the masks address each other without abundant courtesy. Such is the etiquette.You are getting a chance to sink into another reality,experience unfamiliar feelings and discover new horizons! The door is opening wide into a fairy-tale where the ancient beliefs come alive. Like then, way back in past when Man would perceive the world around him in all its Wholeness,without much distinguishing the Great from the Minor,the Miserable from the High-Grade...Just like Death and Re-enlivening in the calendar cycle are so closely co-related the Carnival is sure to blend up the things seeming so unconnected and uncomparable in our everyday life. This kind of carnival is meant to illustrate the Unity , the Perpetual Motion and the Never-ending changes.For the consciousness of the Carnival people takes every notion and phenomenon in a dual,contradictory, relative way. Nothing is unswerving and steady anymore.This is why the importance of the image of fire for the Ceremony.The symbol of the Fire giving warmth,light and leading to salvation,but at the same time it is to destroy the Old and Unneeded and purify the world in the end.